cabinet 320



I have always been fascinated by clay, like every other kid I always enjoyed playing with clay during my childhood days. As I grew up sculpting somehow chased me subconsciously, I have always enjoyed sketching, the texture of paper, that minuet sound when pencil is scratched against the paper, the entire process is magical, you have so many ideas running in your head, and some of them gets a place on paper, and you see them. Those rough motifs gives you a sense of how your idea is gonna look  like.

                     The vision on paper is a 2D representative of the idea, clay has advantage over it, as it gives the luxury of depth, you can see detail to an entire different dimension. Like when you draw eyes you can manipulate the thickness of the pencil  strokes in order to give the piece a realistic treatment, but when you have clay, you know the depth of eyes, you feel the contours. The relation with clay have always been an informal, the first interaction with clay was when I was in school, then there was a gap of 10 years.
I used to teach at an institute which took hobby classes on art and painting, I was working as an drawing and painting instructor there. They also had a clay section, it was then that I had a concrete interest in sculpting, then there was a learning from self. I have always believed that the best teachers are failures and self. You need to be patient and persistent in your efforts to reach excellence.

The following sculpture is a piece that I made in 2015, this piece was a result after hundreds of failures and several youtube videos. For the inspiration i took an image from Internet, the reason why I chose this particular piece was its character, it somehow appealed me so I decided to make it.