the first chair…

the first chair
It was second semester masters program in the faculty of industrial design at National Institute of Design, Ahmadabad, and as final design project we were given simple furniture design. There is quote its easy to be happy, but difficult to be simple… little less I knew, that this quote would be true to its every word. I was excited about the fact that I will be making an actual product in the end of the module. But the journey towards that final product is not going to smooth as it was expected to be a SIMPLE FURNITURE DESIGN.
The project started with a simple activity; go out and sketch! The intent was to sketch people with furniture, it could be anything people sitting, people standing around a chair, people having conversation in a park or at a tea stall. but sketch out the activity, photographs does re imitate the scene in a well documented manner but sketching is like taking notes, subconsciously you note activities which you didn’t notice in the first go. the whole exercise sensitized the mind towards the usage of furniture design, you tend to draw out the relationship between user and the product in a more holistic way.
After a day of sketching it was time to analyse and observe of what we had drawn. It was fun to know how we unknowingly use our surroundings as furniture, like a chair is an object to sit but we take support of the chair by resting on its backrest, sometimes a gas cylinder acts like stool to sit, during the metro travel often poles are good support for rest. As a furniture designer it important to note such minor details. talking of sitting, its interesting to know that when you raise the height your leg position is closer to the seat, when you lower the height the legs go away.
the exercise was a good start on how to select the context, and it also helped in understanding the context. i have always been fascinated by chair as an object, a simple structure which is designed to accommodate people of varying sizes, the load changes but the structure remains the same.